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A Next-Gen AI enable vulnerability scanner that enables you to predict  the potential threat and provide you real-time vulnerability assessment reports across Technology Stack 

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Why You Need ThreatSpy ?


Cyberattacks take place due to negligent employees.

60 K

Websites in world are hacked daily. Attack with many virus like ransomewares

$$$$ 601BN

Hacks cost to businesses a year around the world.

Monitor your Technology Stack with Threatspy

  • An automated scanning process for all stack.

  • Get Instant Alerts for Critical Vulnerabilities.

  • Protect your user data from getting exposed.

ThreatSpy Features

The Next Generation
AI Enabled Scanner

AI enabled scanner which predicts the possibility of threats on your web application and server.

Two Type Of Scan Light
Scan And Deep Scan

Multiple scanning mechanisms which can be used based on the level of threat.

Early Prediction Of Cyber

Stay prepared before your application data gets exposed due to cyber attacks.

Scan Scheduler

Schedule scans on your web application at regular intervals to stay updated.

Real Time Assessment

Get instant scores for your web application and servers depending on the threat levels.

Interactive Dashboard

Easy to use interface that enables you to visualize assessment reports effectively.

What Threatspy does ?

Get automated assessment across the Technology Stack

  • Cloud And Services

  • Mobile Appplication

  • End Points

  • Web Application

  • Storage

  • DataBase

  • Server

  • Middleware

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Providing an amalgamation of all your Cybersecurity requirements

Giving your organisation an end-to-end protection with our Next-Gen Solutions. We have got our proactive, active, and reactive engines running at your service!